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Once upon a time...

So here I am sat thinking about what to write about, Where to start and what to say.... 

So... here goes .... First of all I'm Joe, and I've decided to write this blog to keep you all up to date with our new,  exciting ( but also a little scary ) adoption process. 

Before I start I'd like to tell you our story and where it all began.. 

Sooo... once upon a time .. 

In a land not too far away... a young attractive male called Craig from ( I think quoted by simbas dad on the lion king) a place you must never ever go .. DONCASTER ;).. decided to message me on Facebook ( romantic I know 🙄) .. 

We chatted for a few days and after him constantly pestering ( ok maybe I'm telling a fib) I finally invited him over ... I remember it like it was yesterday .. he turned up .. walked in . Spent an hour on the phone to the vet.. then left ... 

The next day I returned the favour. Drove over to meet him.. and spent the afternoon with the vet and his mum.  (talk about a fairytale beginning 😂) Before we go further the vet isn't his dad .. well I don't think so anyway 😂🤔 But his dog ( RIP TAMMY 😭💙) wasn't well. 

Anyway .. I'm waffling.. I do that a lot. 

Fast forward 4 years later.. lots of dates to McDonalds (classy folk we are) , anywhere with food really 😍, seaside and city visits .. 2 holidays abroad.. and day trips inbetween, we now live together in Stockbridge ( a small steel village where everyone knows your business on the edge of Sheffield) in a house we bought , With 2 cats .. a bearded dragon and my decorating addiction ( I just love to re paint our rooms every few months 😂) 

I also forgot to mention the surprise proposal on the 12th of August 2016 😍 which after months of nagging beforehand. He pulled out the bag, surrounded by family and friends, completely unbeknown to me. Probably one of the best days of my life so far if I'm honest. 

This all leads to the October 2017 when we first both decided that adoption was the next step to making our family complete ... we've both always wanted children 👶

Blog post 2 will explain all this 😁 

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Sheffield, UK

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